whomp, there it is

i know, i know, you miss us. it's been a few days - perhaps our longest streak of blogitude lackage - since we started this baby. well, I have an excuse, albeit a very poor one. no, i haven't been baking up a storm, i definitely wasn't gallivanting about town, nor was i exploring all the old back issues of Gourmet on the shelf. i was playing an online game.

there i said it. i'll admit it. the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so here we are. i'm revisiting an addiction to an old beloved online game. look, at least it's not the sims, ok? the game i find so fun, so stimulating and so mentally challenging (it keeps me in peak mental shape, you see) is none other than word whomp. this game features fairly simple letter rearranging in an adorable screen setting:

six little gophers hold six letters and your objective is to form as many words as possible out of those six letters (the mega word in the picture above is "harken" and also "hanker", get it?). when you've reached a certain number of words, the gopher at the bottom of the screen munches a carrot. if you get every word possible, the gopher munches a turnip. super cute, vegan friendly AND promotes healthy eating. unfortunately, it's hella addicting and very counterproductive to my spend-less-time-on-the-computer resolution.

i warn you, word whomp is not for those who lack free time. it is not for those easily succumbing to all things addictive in nature. and it's definitely not for those lacking good spelling skills. but damn if it isn't nice, after a long day of work, to just plop down and bang out some three letter words. happy whomping!

p.s. i did make some cookies today, chocolate chocolate chip walnut cookies, so there!

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