snow day (night)!!!

today, around 2 p.m., it started snowing like hell. shows were half canceled, and beautifully half assed new plans were made. clark park - epicenter of our neighborhood, whether we like it or not - was blown up with sled-loving kids from 9 p.m. til at least now, when i dragged my soggy ass home (1:40 a.m.). i exposed my digital camera to the elements for only a few precious seconds, but it gives you idea enough...right? for the full effect, imagine snow down your pants, whiskey in your flask, cute dogs barking, everyone cheering, barely a "real" sled in sight (most were facing the hill on slicked up pieces of cardboard, broken drum cymbals, trash can lids and cafeteria lunch trays), and you get the idea...

i love living here.


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