heads up! multi-course vegan (and beer!!) dinner at SPTR, feb. 15th

last sunday, to culminate a very exciting weekend, a gaggle of friends and i brunched at the south philly tap room. it was one of the more delightful brunches i've had in a long, long time and fully deserves its own recap and review. unfortuantely, i have to be at work in half an hour and there is simply no time at this exact moment to do it justice.

however! at that brunch, while sitting at our sun drenched table waiting for drinks to arrive, i noticed a few little fliers floating around. much to my delight, they were advertising a 4 course vegan food and beer tasting. hell yeah! we asked the server if she could give us any more info on the event, and she brought over the menu which flooded my heart with pure, unadulterated joy. listed below, keep in mind that the food is bound to be tops, the beer is from dogfish head brewery (yeah delaware!) and proceeds go to benefit the rat chick rat rescue. the dinner is $45 and will be hosted this sunday, february 15th. the south philadelphia tap room is at 15th & mifflin streets.

first course
food: baby spinach, double walnut vinaigrette, mint and black pepper
beer: festina peche

second course
food: white bean and leek bruschetta with ursini extra virgin olive oil
beer: indian brown

third course
food: mushroom and huitlacoche enchiladas, salsa baracho, charred cactus escabeche
beer: 60 minute ipa

fourth course
food: pear cobbler with oatmeal and brown sugar crumb
beer: raison d'etre

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Lauren said...

it's already sold out. sigh.