ultimate cuteness

if things that are seriously, gut wrenching-ly adorable annoy you, turn back now!! kittenchops is the graphic design/illustration brainchild of marta windeisen, a seattle based artist. i first came upon her ridiculously cute style when my work started selling a selection of theo chocolates (amazing stuff, also based in seattle). the illustrations on the packaging (little elf people wearing hazelnut hats! charming kitties feasting on hot chocolate and baguette!) filled my brain with marshmallow puffs of happiness. a bit of investigation led me to her website, which features a sampling of the design work she's done for various companies both big and small, as well as random other fun illustrations. her main subject matter seems to be kittens, birds, flowers, and smiley people. her style has a childlike, whimsical quality, but with a grown up attention to color, composition, texture, and occasionally, environmentally conscious messages. but the main point is AHHH! SO CUTE!! i mean come on:

she also maintains a blog, highlighting other cuteness happening in her world...some hyper girls i used to know in college made up the word "fluffin," meant to classify things that are just too sweet to describe otherwise. kitten chops is fluffin defined.


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