ruby tuesday

wednesday, whatever. the earth is thawing and i'm bringing juicing back! see, last summer and the summer before that, sissy lauren and i made fresh juice (almost) each and every morning. truly, there is no better breakfast, especially in the dank philadelphia july when you live in a house with no air conditioning and your appetite isn't fired up til somewhere around 2 p.m. on days like these, oatmeal and bagels just aren't options. but cool, creamy, sweet and spicy liquid meal - bring it on! anyway, this year i am determined to start this excellent morning tradition before the equinox. my goal is greatly aided by the newest acqusition to the VR kitchen: a champion juicer! get bent, jack lalanne, the champion is true to its name - the best there is. it's a totally no-frills, powerful, durable machine that cranks out life sustaining beverages. this particular juicer is a gently used purchase from our friend ciarra (thanks, girl!), and so far i've used it about 5 times. i've only made juice, but lauren made peanut butter and there are plans in the works for banana whips (a frozen treat made out of pulverized frozen bananas). i've got nothing against our old juicer (a modest hamilton beach model), it's just a little tired from the years of abuse it has already endured.

so if you see me bouncing off the walls, or catch me starting at you with wily vitamin eyes, blame it on the juice. today's brew: 3 large carrots, 1 celery stalk, half a small apple, 1 very small beet and a nub of ginger. what a crimson beauty:


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