all the small things

even though i certainly enjoy my fair share of chocolate, i'm not a self-indentified "chocolate person." i like it, i occasionally eat it, but i don't need it. i appreciate high quality craftsmanship and beautiful packaging, but i also love a standard chocolate milkshake from a diner. my point is - i am a fan, not an expert.

i was beyond delighted, however, when lauren gave me this chocolate bar after a recent trip to nyc. yeah, sure, it was delicious, but more importantly, it was tiny - the perfect few bites for after lunch. god, i never tire of small things. this small thing is dubbed "the itty bar," by small-batch chocolatiers Askinosie out of springfield, MO. also, in a way that was hard to tell when it was in the wrapper, there were 2 chocolate bars in there! that realization made me so happy.

with thumbtack, for scale

i don't mean to sell short the really fine taste and quality of the chocolate itself, or all the work that went into it. the folks at askinosie seem pretty dang serious about their chocolate - from farm to wrapper - and they want you to be informed too. see: Chocolate University. it was really, really good. honestly, i don't really have the vocabulary in place to wax poetic about the different notes of the chocolate, but i can tell you that i sort of alternated between little bites of chocolate, and little bites of an almond and indeed, it was divine.

unwrapped, with almond

you know what would be super cute? to tape one of these on a birthday present as a bonus mini present!