22, count 'em, 22

so i've embarked on the mission to eat out [in] san francisco. with so many vegan friendly joints in the city, i certainly haven't had any difficulty and am definitely not starving.

*vanilla soymilk shake and vegan chorizo hash with tofu and avocado - st. francis fountain
*vegetarian burrito mojado - mojado means "wet" which means a big fat rice and bean burrito covered in enchilada sauce and mild and hot salsa (one on each end!) - taqueria can-cun
*homemade baingan bharta (we say banging bartha) and chana masala courtesy of mary
*grilled avocado salad, mushroom + barley soup, tempeh brochettes, mushroom pot pie and english tea shortcake with earl grey sorbet - millenium (LONGER post to follow soon)
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the real highlight:

burma superstar - probably just made the list of one of my top five favorite restaurants. the highlight of the meal and the trip (and probably my life) was the rainbow salad made of 22 ingredients! ours was only 21 ingredients because we forewent the dried shrimp. here, i will try to remember all 21:
  1. crispy tofu
  2. crispy garlic
  3. saffron rice
  4. crispy wontons
  5. crispy onions
  6. raw onions
  7. peanuts
  8. scallions
  9. lettuce
  10. cabbage
  11. tomatoes
  12. papaya
  13. rice noodles
  14. rice noodles
  15. rice noodles
  16. rice noodles (4 different kinds)
  17. split pea powder
  18. rice
  19. cilantro
  20. red pepper flakes
  21. tamarind dressing
perfect score! some of those i may have made up, but i looked at a picture online and wrote down everything i could remember. i actually just called the restaurant to ask for all 22 and the person on the phone couldn't even remember them all. tamarind dressing is unlike anything i've ever tasted or experienced. the samosa soup - possibly my second new favorite thing to eat - was amazing as well. crispy pieces of samosa in a spicy lentil soup! why haven't i eaten this before?

pictures soon, i promise! i forgot my camera cable but they are patiently waiting to be uploaded and hopefully you can be patient too. and guess what? it's been sunny!!

after i post this i'm heading to the kitchen to make spanikopita with sofi, then it's off to maggie mudd for ice cream and a meet + greet/networky thing with La Cocina. Perhaps more burmese food for dinner, then dancing my last night away.

not wearing socks,

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