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let me just go ahead and start out with posting the link to vegan drinks philly, which was started by ed of eatingconsciously.com (which, on a side note, i just checked out for the first time, and dude is so awesome! i feel like i'm just hanging out with him when i watch the videos). check both of these things out, join, subscribe, tweet, whatever the kids are calling it these days. support this man! because me likey.

that being said, vegan drinks philly, as previously featured on vegan royale, was started just a few weeks ago as a venue to bring like minded people together in philadelphia for some food and drinks, chit chat and socializing. i went with three of my friends and, unfortunately, didn't really speak to anyone else except the waiters. BUT, that's another story. in all honesty, i was there for the discounted Horizon's appetizers, and while meeting people would've been awesome, it was not my main agenda.

elisha, demonstrating her dedication to the cause:

so let's talk about the food shall we? all the apps ranged from $4-$8 and while requesting a menu at the bar, i noticed that each portion was prettttty tiny. my suggestion to get SIX dishes and split them all was readily accepted, embraced and enacted.

HELLO! beer battered tempeh with horseradish remoulade, jamaican bbq seitan with jicama slaw and smoked chile dip, fried cauliflower with curry & sea salt and coriander chutney, smoked mushroom skewers with tomato garlic bruschetta, exotic mushroom sliders on rye, and tofu tacos with a zippy sauce i can't quite remember. the "tentative menu" posted on the vegan drinks website last week was indeed tentative, as i had my heart set on the jalapeƱo beer battered pickles and the grilled avocado guacamole, neither of which made the final cut. but i guess that's the whole point of labeling something tentative.

jamaican bbq seitan:

exotic mushroom sliders on rye:

the drinks ranged anywhere from $2.50 to $5 and included gin and tonic, classic cosmo, pomegranate sangria, obovoid imperial stout, two other beers and a few wines. i had a g+t and an obovoid. both were delicious!

the small downstairs bar was insanely packed and we were extremely fortunate and lucky to grab a table merely minutes after walking in the door. i was really happy the thing went off so swimmingly and gathered such a crowd but god damn if it wasn't super loud and a bit claustrophobic. i'm torn between hoping it's in a different location next month due to size issues, or strongly praying it stays at horizon's and those beer battered pickles are on the menu!


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Emily said...

you were right: the seitan looks woefully like turds. but tastes like gold!!