speaking of cooky

after dinner tonight (curried spinach & tater soup, chickpea quinoa pilaf, roasted carrots and leeks w/ mustard sauce, green salad w/ lemon vinaigrette, and pumpernickel toast w/ carrot spread), our new housemate tony (vegan superstar in the making!) and a few of his friends whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. it didn't quite make it to the oven...most of it was consumed in the raw-on-the-spoon fashion.

but at some point, later, tony decided to form the remainder of the dough into 4 limited-edition cookies and popped 'em in the toaster oven. 12 fragrant minutes later, they fulfilled their destiny on the cooling rack. and yet later:

{that's a.m.}

in the kitchen, filling up a pint glass of water, i noticed two and a half cookies left on the tray. i ate half of one, and it was good. really, really good. using what self control remained in my sleep-starved self, i dutifully saved the other half (well, now re-visiting the photo, i realize it's far less than half!) for the camera:

barely 15 seconds after the above photo was taken (and checked for quality), the entirety of that cookie was joyously shoved into my face. yes, right off the filthy desk - don't judge.


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