lunch a trois

lunch today for 3 hungry kids (lauren, myself & burt, a rad friend visiting from the west coast) was, fittingly, three small sides. lunch makes most sense to me when it's an amalgamation of dishes cobbled together from the fridge - leftovers, frozen bread reborn as toast, salad, dips, fruits, etc. today, we feasted upon homemade seitan sausages (AKA "snausages") and stir fried shiitakes on greens with tangy lemon dressing, tempeh salad on kalamata olive toast, and pasta fagioli (courtesy of new housie tony - he scores again!).

i wish more restaurants and cafes would offer lunch this way. you know, like a menu of twenty sides with the option to pick three or four to make a nice rounded out plate. that's how the vegan luncheonette (i can't link to them b/c they don't have a website, so this will have to do) did it, why can't more places figure it out? until then, i'll be rocking the 1 p.m. lunch block with friends at the dining room table, sunlight streaming into the kitchen, the halo benders on the stereo...


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