the dolphin studio calendar

one of the finest gifts i received at christmas this year was from my dear sissy lauren, a gorgeous, handmade thing that will continue to please me all year long. it is the annual calendar made by the ffrench family, a clan of artists and makers living in massachusetts, under the moniker of the dolphin studio. i highly suggest visiting their sweet little website, and insist that you consider purchasing the calendar. the large format is awesome and the prints are just beautiful. each family member is responsible for designing and printing certain months, and i think my favorites are by primm, the mother of the ffrenchs. her design for the month of june is especially lovely, thick gold and white ink on dramatic crimson paper:

however, i was happy to see that on the first page is a steaming bowl of something, i'm assuming good, hearty, cold-busting soup. it just seems like the perfect way to usher in the new year - a symbol of warmth, security, and care:


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