Brunch + Munch

a few day's ago halimah mentioned that brunch might be her new favorite meal. i thought she was effing crazy! i mean, i love brunch like no other; the tofu scramble, the bloody maries, the toast topped with tofutti cream cheese, the goddamn home fries, etc. but do i love it more than i love dinner? or lunch for that matter? or even.....dessert?!

tuesday may have changed my mind. while brunch, for me, is usually eaten at mi-lah, the royal tavern or one of the other (few) restaurants with halfway decent vegan options around here, tuesday i rolled out of bed at the crack of noon and thought, "today, today i will make brunch". there was no other choice, really.

friends and housies have recently been cooking more eggs in the kitchen - scrambled and fried mostly - and it allllmost brought me back to those non-vegan days. the runny yolk, the melted cheese, mmm. did i just think "mmm"? NO! instead of missing that old egg+cheese on a bagel, i quickly got grossed out when bert dropped an egg on the ground and i almost slipped on the albumin. i set out on a quest to develop some sort of vegan fried egg. the result, while nothing really like a vegan fried egg, was worth the journey. brunch, i love you so.

behold: pan seared tofu stuffed with garlic, onion, avocado and tofu-mustard "yolk" topped with creamy mustard sauce, microgreens and more avocado. add some veggie bacon and toast and you got yourself a brunch. i dare you to charge me $9 for this, the abbaye.

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