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if you want a tattoo and/or some good conversation, go to kevin riley. even though he looks way punk rock and is covered in ink (which may signify "scary dude" to some people), he's gentle as a lamb, smart as a whip, and ridiculously talented. he maintains a super comprehensive website to document his tattoo portfolio. you can even see by calendar date the tattoos he's done day by day! it's very cool. he is also in a killer band called northern liberties, runs/ran a record label called worldeater, lives in a gorgeous warehouse space that he renovated himself, collects weirdo toys and dabbles in building guitars! this is an advanced human being here, people. below is a tiny heart tattoo that i got from him as a birthday present last march.

remember that i love small and special things. that gross bandage on my finger was probably from slashing myself while trying to chop a butternut squash. anyway, check out kevin's sites (here is also a link to the tattoo studio where he works) and if you live in or around philadelphia and are considering a new tattoo, do your present and future selves a favor and get it from him!



joel said...

that is a cute little heart.

downwithabsolutes said...

Emily Kovach!

Mike Matthews here...

I saw you posted on my friend Taylor's Mac and Cheese blog and I simply followed the bread crumbs (cookies?) over to this here Vegan Royale. Nice stuff.

Sorry to hear you sliced your finger while taking care of some delicious butternut squash. Do tell, what were you making? This time of year, I'd be rendering that sweet fleshiness for some soup! Just got a hand stick blender and it makes butternut bisque-making a cinch!

Good to see you're blogging.

BTW, I've been playing Pony Pants on my little Internet radio show for a while now. Really...good...stuff.