Cait's Muffin Mania!

A few years ago I met a darling little vegan lady at a house show. How did I know she was darling and vegan? She brought muffins (or were they cupcakes? or cookies?) to the show for all to snack on. Vegan snacks are practically my middle name so I knew I had to meet her.

This was back when I was but a novice vegan and it was then that Cait suggested I check out "How It All Vegan" by Sarah Kramer. Since then I have amassed so many more cookbooks, and pretty much every time I get a new one, I tell Cait about it, just in case it slipped under her radar and I can return the favor.

Since Cait moved from Allentown, PA to Athens, OH I don't run into her as much and the vegan chatter has ebbed. However, I recently stumbled upon her new blog, Cait-a-Day. The concept is genius, really, as she's taken the wonders of The Artclash Collective's Fun-a-Day and is attempting to apply it to every month of the year. January is her first month, and she's making a different batch of vegan muffins every day and posting the recipes and pictures! My two favorites are Perky Peanut Butter Pretzel (pictured) and Pants Party Peanut Butter (it's not a coincidence that both have peanut butter in them). I can't wait to try those and lots of others!

Check out Cait's blog (but keep reading ours too!). Next month she's going to dance for 30 minutes every day! This probably won't be as deliciously rewarding for her friends, but it still sounds rad as hell....

P.S. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you can check out the Fun-a-Day art show on February 14th at Studio 34 Yoga in West Philly! This is me encouraging you to go.

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Cait said...

Lauren you rock. Thanks for the support! keep on bakin' vegan!