vegan mofo day 2, seattle day 3

i must admit, i sure love philadelphia but we can often lack in the way of brunch for vegans. sure there's the good old go to tempeh club, and even a recently discovered (although it seems i was the last veganin the damn city to do so) tempeh hoagie, but usually when you go somewhere you're working with one, maybe two choices. that's why i love all vegan restaurants. THE CHOICES! the "no i'm not ready to order yet, i've only looked at one column of the menu and have 4 prospective dishes in mind" dillema. wayward cafe, in university district, seattle, offered one of these conundrums, a delicious and beautiful conundrum it was.

do you know how it feels to be a (vegan) kid in a (vegan) candy store, anything you can lay your grubby little fingers on could be yours. and my grubby little fingers were feeling up on the seitan hash like it was a soft puppy dog. "scrambled season tofu combined with smokey seitan, crisp green peppers, onions and home fries, served with toast". i like this dish because it has everything i could want, tofu, seitan, home fries and when i sub a biscuit for toast (i had heard they were the most amazing biscuits, vegan or no!) you really, truely, got it all.

and then when your dining partner gets biscuits and gravy and a side of steamed garlic greens and you both go halfsies, well shit, you know how to do brunch.

ok so the picture doesn't really do it justice, because gravy is not the top model of the culinary world, but that was seriously the most flaky, buttery, herbed soft pillow of goodness i ever called a biscuit. and the fact that i didn't even turn the menu over to scope out the lunch options means i might just have to go back someday.



Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Oh wow! I want nothing more in this world right now than to swim in that gravy.

Anabell Georgia said...

yo girl! the iron cupcake is awesome!! in like flynn. chicago is awesome, im having a blast except its the most unfriendly vegan city ... ever! even the whole foods doesn't have just a tomato pie.... but i return tomorrow so lets definitely hang out this week .