goodbye gourmet

ok, ok, here's someone not so controversial. did you hear ruth reichl on a recent episode of fresh air on whyy? she's so cute! reichl is the editor of gourmet magazine, and as most of you probably know, gourmet magazine's november issue will be the last issue ever. this totally sucks.

gourmet magazine isn't the most vegan friendly magazine, but damn if i haven't loved reading through their glossy pages every month for the past four years, lusting after some recipes and veganizing others. a gift subscription for christmas was one of my favorite presents, and it was mysteriously renewed every year and continuously enjoyed since (thanks, kevin!). i'll be sad to have to settle for bon appetit and food&wine. sorry, but they just aren't the same.

check out the interview with terry gross to hear about reichl's experiences with gourmet, some of her favorite dishes, and just all around cuteness from an awesome foodie woman. and then let out a little sigh as you say goodbye to gourmet. be sure to pick up the november issue because in 2034 it's going to be "vintage".


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