pinball wizards

having no obligations for nine days straight (aka vacation) is pretty sweet because you can do things like stop in to shorty's for a drink and some pinball at 1 in the afternoon. shorty's is a coney island themed pinball-hotdog-bar and i guess after thinking about it for a while, there aren't three things more suitable to be under one roof. shorty's has some 15 pinball machines and a handful of other games (pacman, donkey kong, etc.), 7 different kinds of hotdogs (including two veggie dogs!) and a lot of different ways to get drunk. i myself didn't have a dog being as i'd just had breafkast, but beer and pinball were drank and played, respectively, and two outta three ain't bad.

it was this dark inside, it was lunchtime

next we took a wobbily walk through the olympic sculpture park. it was pretty cool but i was more into the exhibit in the pavillion - Geoff McFetridge: in The Mind. he's a graphic designer from LA and uses really simple and stark images to communicate a message. i didn't take a single picture of the sculptures but i spent like half an hour taking pictures of McFetridge's installation. oops?

this illustration covered a 20 foot long wall

detail of above

for some reason i love this picture so much,
the saddest circle would be a square

coming up: vegan biscuits and gravy and great mushroom hunters of the pacific northwest!

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Nate said...

Love Geoff's work! Have you ever seen my t-shirt he designed? http://yfrog.com/55ipzj
It = love.