Sidecar for Pigs Peace

alright, last west coast post, i promise. i need to get my head back on the east coast, and keep it there, especially with the phillies getting ready to take on the dodgers. EAST COAST IS THE BEAST COAST!!

ok, and on to the blogging. tucked away in seattle's university district, away from the hustle and bustle of student life there lies an oasis, a mirage, a vegan mecca on one little street corner. on one corner is sidecar pigs for peace, washington's only 100% vegan store.

everything up in this place is vegan, you don't even have to check the labels! i bought a bag of dandies marshmallows (cutest logo ever!), which i have yet to use, a few little chocolate treats and two vegan doughnuts, courtesy of mighty-o. check out the major vegan goods:

the sweet treat section could've been my downfall,
but the vegan doughnuts were really what i was after

a vegan "dairy" case. HA!
so much fake cheese, so little time

i very much like the sound of this

vegan truffles as far as the eye can see

i then enjoyed double fisting the vegan doughnuts outside of pizza pi, a totally vegan pizza shop across the street from the vegan grocery store! does it get any better? actually, there was a little variety shop next door and a spice shop across the street! plus a cool independent theater down the way and a little further walk took you to an adorable park. sadly, i wasn't very hungry and didn't get any pizza from pizza pi, with plans to return that never happened. next time, pizza pi. unless you deliver, that is?

portland and olympia were subject to a dead camera battery and a forgotten charger so no pictures of cajun tofu sandwich with handcut french fries, big old burritos, tofu benedict, MORE vegan doughnuts and even a house of vintage. someday portland i'm going to come back and then, THEN, will i capture photographs of your delicious victuals.

back east and eating,

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Emily said...

did you make up that "beast coast" thing or hear it somewhere? b/c that shit is a-mazing and i'm totally stealing it.