eat up, kids!

people have been trying to get kids to eat their vegetables for ages. drowning them in butter or cheesy sauce, hiding them in there somehow or bribing kids with the prospect of dessert. there's always the cute presentation idea - one that jennifer at the vegan lunch box blog has done well, maybe a bit too well if you ask me!

but what if your audience (twenty-somethings, not tots) doesn't need a push in a healthy direction, what then does food-cuteness equal?

a witty, whimsical and irreverent cook, if you ask me...

polenta dinos!

black beluga lentils, polenta dinos, spicy tofu,
swiss chard and portebellos with a tarragon onion sauce


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Juile said...

Who says vegetarian food cannot be funky, creative and yummy.

Keeping a healthy simple vegetarian diet is the way to good health.