the title reflects how we say bagels. you know how some people say tar-jhay instead of target? we say bah-jhels instead of bagels. not all the time mind you, but sometimes, when we're eating them, buying them, thinking about them or making them. MAKING THEM? wait, what?

yes, people, on a beautiful wednesday afternoon, with the sun shining and a big batch of orange kiwi juice in hand, i made bagels courtesy of the aforementioned vegan brunch cookbook.

they were pretty time consuming what with the the making of the dough, the resting, the rolling and forming into bagel shapes, the boiling, the toppings, the baking, the resting. i kvetch, but i kid. with a partner in crime, it was really quite fun. visit my lady anabell's blog for the recipe (it's below the eggplant recipe).

for you, i have .

follow the recipe. i told you, it's right here!

make the dough, it's like, 5 ingredients, don't tell me it's too hard.
knead that dough. i mean, really need it. a kitchen aid
stand up mixer that your sister got for her birthday really helps!

let the dough rest for an hour, go watch the 30 Rock season finale
three times in a row while you wait.
roll it into a log, then cut that log into twelve equal pieces,
or a baker's dozen if you're lucky!

boil those puppies 3-4 at a time in some salted water

apply toppings, go crazzzzy!

bake on parchment paper or a silpat at 425 degrees for 18-20 minutes.
oh god i still can't eat them yet? you ask. NO. let them rest for 3o minutes while you watch the latest family guy episode. THEN, only then, will those bagels be ready.

shmear on brothers and sisters!



Noah said...

This is amazing

Amy said...

Next time you make them, I really really want to try one. They look SO good. (But then so does everything else you. I want one of those vegan brownies, too, and some of the bbq seitan, and....)