cheese please

hi this is ryan, housemate and partner in crime to emily and lauren, the vegan royale sisters. Since joining forces with emily many years ago, I have been eating and cooking all things vegan. I truly enjoy the challenge of making interesting and delicious vegan food. That being said I am in no way even close to vegan. I LOVE CHEESE! The royale sisters even let me have a dairy drawer in our fridge. I have recently been stocking my drawer with a variety of local farms' cheeses from the mariposa co-op. Even though shopping at the co-op is like going to the dentist for me, they always have a killer cheese selection - everything from herbed pepperjack to smoked cheddar to havarti dill. Also for those that don't know, the cheese there is super cheap. Maybe the hippies haven't quite figured out the pricing gun. My usual favorites come from a farm called Friendly Farms located in Gap, Pa. Today I found a new farm called Hillacres Pride, located in Peach bottom, Pa. I urge you to check out the website, busted as it is they have some funny recipes, including tater tot casserole, tacos in pasta? and cheesy potatoes! Here is their horseradish cheddar:

today i just sliced some up on a hummus bagel, delicious! but i am jonesin to get some melted between bread, in an omlette or just shredded on top of some fried eggs. the horseradish adds that extra zazz i am always looking for in cheese. my main vessel for cheese is eggs and bread a.k.a The Egg and Cheese. I like to add mayo, franks hot sauce and micro greens. below are some pictures of past gourmet egg and cheeses i have made:

Fried eggs, herbed cheddar, micro greens on a metro croissant

Garlic and herbed cheddar omelette on an everything bagel w/ mixed greens

English muffins, over easy eggs, tofu bacon, avocado, arugula, chives topped w/ spicy mustard crema

so for all you vegans out there dont be shy eat some CHEESE! just kiddin hope you enjoyed reading about cheese though. til dairy strikes again.

high fives,


Noah said...

It's like I always say,


Yes to cheese.

Mary Casper said...

I've been waiting to hear from you, VR's silent dairy heir!

You're right on here. The egg and cheese is a perfect example of effectively using cheese to brighten up a sandwich. I've been reading up on MAKING cheese. Actually sounds pretty easy, but in the mean time, long live horseradish cheddar! Long live havarti!

hampants said...

Gap? Peach Bottom? Quit making stuff up.