we're moving

our entire kitchen is packed into boxes. our tools, appliances, silverware, glassware, seriously EVERYthing, is wrapped in newspaper, stuffed into boxes, and labeled with sharpies. for the past few days, we've been eating cold sandwiches and drinking beer like there's no tomorrow.

oh, but there is a tomorrow. tomorrow is south philly, and the new house, and, most importantly, the new VR kitchen (stainless fridge, a breakfast bar and - omg - a dishwasher?!) and all that follows from there.

autumn is always a good time for change. and a seriously great time for food (oh! to turn the oven back on!). and so we shall proceed: with renewed energy, inspiration and resourcefulness, but from the other side of town. see ya in a few.

emily, lauren & ryan

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miss bunnykitty said...

welcome to south philly!