foodie friends

lots of our friends love food. some of them take a more casual approach, and others are downright obsessive. my friends/co-workers nate and julia fall into the second camp, and recently started a blog to showcase their culinary chops to the world - TasteBuds. since they are real-life housemates and BFFs, the blog title is cute and pun-ified. hooray for puns! while not a vegetarian blog per se, they certainly love their veggies, and almost all of the recipes featured are light on the meats. julia's most recent post about homemade pasta reminds me that i haven't sufficiently broken in the pasta maker i got for my birthday. maybe next saturday, when hopefully the new VR kitchen is more set up (the new kitchen is so swoon-worthy; photos to come soon!), i'll bang out some fresh ravioli...


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