bad bloggers, bad! bad!

well, it's been a week plus since our last post. sure, we weren't cooking so much during the whole move, didn't have internet access for the first week in the house, etc. and yeah, some kitchen things still aren't unpacked and set up, and we haven't gotten it together to do a "big shop" at the grocery store. but a few lovely meals have been made, and photographed, the latent posts just waiting to be born.

but august man...august can be rough. it's hotter than hell. you're soaking wet after every bike ride, either from sweat or getting caught in a downpour. the energy level runs pretty low, and it's easier to eat an apple and some toast then to get caught up in a whole big to-do of food preparation.

but a good post - homemade vegan ravioli - is coming soon, promise!

in the meantime...have you ever heard of panda bread? my co-worker just told me about it and man, it's almost obnoxiously cute. scroll down on the link below to see failed panda bread experiments, with their funny-but-disturbing melted, sideways faces.

okay, more soon!!!!!!!!!!


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janina said...

that really really really REALLY! makes me want to make panda cookies. im going to put it on my todo list!