one sandwich to rule them all

i just wanted to share with you, gentle and hungry readers, the transcendental sammy that is known as "bbq seitan w/ slaw." there are variations of this savory and sweet banger all over vegan cookbooks and blogs, so i won't bore you with another variation of the recipe. however, i will say that this particular go-round was extra satisfying, because shortcuts were avoided and a collaboration was employed: i made the seitan from scratch, ryan made the bbq sauce (based on a non-veeg recipe for pulled pork), as well as the absolutely dreamy red cabbage slaw. stuffed into a fresh philly hoagie roll, the melding of flavors was nearly symphonic. plated without care next to a little side of red potato french fries right from the oven, a meal was made. on a sweet spring evening, sometimes even a sandwich can make you feel like the world is just full of wonder and possibility.

if you want more info about how to make seitan from scratch, check out isa's infallible instructions. wheat meat is really easy to make, and having a big container of it waiting in your fridge widens the scope of the daily dinner options. and it's full of protein (sorry, gluten free kiddies). hot damn!


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hampants said...

I know you said no need for variations, but I just want to put it out there that I made an awesome vegan Ruben/ seitan and slaw hybrid sandwich that you have inspired me to share.

Also inspired by Ryan's awesome slaw, I bought a red cabbage and pickled it by stewing it in water, vinegar and jalapeno pepper juice! Then I put that on some rye bread with mustard, Vegan Bratwurst Snaugage (I am a cheater cause I still need that seitan from scratch lesson), and some vegan "Russian dressing" (read: veganaise and ketchup). It was fast, easy and delicious!!! I scored enough points with my roommate that she did all the dishes.