dinner with ham

somehow, sometimes, it's sunday night and i've been lazing around most of the day and STILL i don't feel like cooking a damn thing. now, let's be real, this is only once in a while, because usually i'm all about the free time and utilize sunday nights for a multi-hour meal endeavor.

this past sunday, however, no one was home and i didn't feel like investing a lot of time into something i'd ultimately scarf down in front of seinfeld reruns or a new kind-of-funny simpsons episode. ham to the rescue! ham, the person (girl, you need to update), not the pork product. hammy, albeit nicknamed after a meat, is a tried and true 6 year vegan. let's just say she knows what's up. she invited me over for dinner on sunday and served up a lovely tasting and equally good looking meal, courtesy of her recent discovery of the vegan yum yum blog.

she made a delicately, purposefully plated dish of spinach topped with quinoa and crash hot potatoes, drizzled with a spicy aioli. we both remarked that it reminded us of something you would see at horizon's, if not a bit more basic than one might pay $12.99 for at a restaurant. the dish was simple and perfect. the potatoes were salty and crispy and made me want five more. the yuengling porter, which i'd never had before, was bold and complex and a perfect partner to a simple meal. and don't even get me started on quinoa because i could praise it for days.

for dessert we had candied clementines, also courtesy of vegan yum yum (i told you, she recently discovered the blog!). we both agreed they were interesting and a little weird, but ate them happily nonetheless. kind of squishy, but the taste was pretty good.

regardless of the review-y nature of this post, it's nice to know that if the vegan royalers need to take a break, we've got a strong vegan ally to turn to! and just an fyi, this is more of a shoutout than a review, so if anyone out there wants to invite us over for dinner, please note that we will only show love, pure unadulterated love, for your hospitality and for feeding us.


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