cold gold

i am happy to say that lauren and i are back safely from our utah and colorado adventures! we had a pretty great time, and have lots of food tales to relay from our western wanderings. a long, comprehensive post is soon to come, but too daunting for this afternoon.

one thing i simply cannot wait one second longer to share is my new and unfettered love for the avery brewing company, a sparkling gem based in boulder, colorado. i discovered a row of their beers, in big, gorgeous, foil-topped bottles in a liquor store called "corks," next to a grocery store on the outskirts of my dad's town. i had stopped into corks to grab of a bottle of red wine for dinner, but was drawn to the fancy beer case as if pulled by an invisible string. on a whim, i grabbed a bottle of avery's salvation belgian golden ale.

crisp, light, and fruity, but not too sweet, and more importantly, not too wimpy, boasting a healthy 9% alcohol content - this might just be the perfect beer. the avery website calls it a "champagne-like elixir" and that hits it right on the nose. it tastes like something a belgian princess would sip on new years eve, at midnight, surrounded by sexy courtiers in their finest finery.

lauren and i split the 22 oz. bottle over a game of scrabble, and when it was gone i immediately lusted for more. a few nights later, on another run to corks, i picked up two more bottles of salvation to have with a pizza, and grabbed another avery brew: the reverend belgian quadruple ale. this one was super malty and sweet, and while delicious in its own right, did not compare to the sheer loveliness of the salvation.

if i could only drink one more beer in my life, i'm nearly sure salvation would be it.
apparently bella vista beer distributor carries avery's beers, as does the beer yard in wayne, pa. think it might be time to start saving my pennies for a case of this unrivaled ale...


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