rocking the microphone and the micro greens

so aside from being a kick ass rocker lady afloat in a sea of boring rocker dudes, a punk rock fashion icon, and an outspoken vegan and feminist, chrissy hynde is also...a foodie?! she's recently opened an all vegan restaurant in her hometown of akron, ohio called the vegiterranean. the menu, heavily italian influenced, is so awesome it's giving me butterflies. peep it here.

what i wouldn't give to bury my face in the squash pizza: marsala butternut squash purree with wild mushrooms, cippolini onions, baby arugula,
topped with soy mozzarella...

my firstborn for the potato gnocchi w/ grilled artichokes, roasted red pepper with a parsley tarragon creamy pine nut pesto sauce...

maybe it's time to take a little VR field trip to sunny akron? those are words i never expected to say but hey - have food lust, will travel.


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Anonymous said...

hey watch it with the firstborn. don't mess with mia.