c is for come to me now

isa chandra moskowitz of post punk kitchen fame, as well as the author of vegan with a vengeance and veganomicon has uploaded some cookie photos from her upcoming cookie cookbook and let me just say:


not to mention that the photos are beautiful but also kind of funny with their bright, spunky backgrounds. my favorites include: black and whites (of course), peanut butter blondies, grapefruit shortbread and cream cheese brownie. maybe it's time to buy that gym membership i've been putting off for months...

if you like cookies as much as we do, make sure to check out her blog, and patiently wait for the book's release. meanwhile, her vegan brunch flickr ain't half bad either! and her brunch cookbook homestyle recipes worth waking up for drops may 25th, just in time for my birthday (hint hint)!



Noah said...

it's going to suck getting like 4 copies of that book

just saying

rainbowjesus said...

IRA mosko stole mimi and my advanced color background technologies!!!

post our pics!!