come back from san francisco, it can't be all that pretty...

oh but you're wrong, the Magnetic Fields, it is, it really is! see for yourself...

the farmer's market at civic center:

ruby gibraltar from farley's coffee shop on potrero hill -
semi-secret recipe, but i can say it contains a shot of roobis tea and steamed soymilk.
probably the best thing i had my entire trip (sorry rainbow salad!)

homemade spanikopita - a cooperative recipe endeavor
by sofi and me

vegan banana split sundae at maggie mudd in bernal heights -
HOMEMADE waffle bowl (made on the spot in a waffle iron)
with cherry pie, tarmack and coconut ice cream, bananas, nuts,
chocolate syrup, and whipped cream!!!!!
not to be eaten solo, that's for sure....

...picking up the waffle bowl and eating it like nachos
is highly encouraged when a spoon
just isn't gonna cut it!

taking pictures in front of a cool garage,
is it just me or is everything brighter out there?

part three of west coast adventures coming soon with a full description of "Convert a Carnivore" night at millennium!!

back east and shivering,

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