saving the world! one banana peel, plastic cup and TV at a time

i recently came across a new composting endeavor while picking up my greensgrow CSA share. bennett composting is run by Tim Bennett, a rochester native and temple alumni. according to the website, while working for temple's small business development center bennett had an epiphany over dinner with friends and his business was born.

service is a mere $15 a month, which isn't much when you think about how much you might spend at the bar in one single night(!). throw your compostable materials into the lidded bucket (free with sign-up!) and once a week, the compost fairy will come pick the stuff up from outside your home, leaving you a clean bucket to start with in the morning! just like the trash men, only more environmentally friendly.

another option, for the slightly less lazy and more frugal composter wanna-be is this philadelphia compost map. click the link for an interactive map of shared community sites. i contacted a few people on this list and found a site only 15 blocks from my house where i can bring my compostable goods every week!

as an avid cook and user of produce, the prospect of cutting the amount of my garbage that ends up in a landfill is pretty crucial. as a home-renter with a small backyard, not having to deal with attempting to make my own compost is equally as crucial.

ALSO! Philadelphia now recycles plastics #1 - #7. That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, AND 7.

STARTING AUGUST 1: Recycle All Plastic Containers!

You’ve been recycling plastic containers marked:
#1: Soda, water bottles
#2: Milk jugs, detergents, shampoo bottles

Now you can add:
#3: Rigid plastic containers and juice bottles
#4: Plastic tubs and lids from butter, margarine or similar products
#5: Yogurt containers and deli trays
#6: Plastic cups, plates and to-go containers
#7: Many mixed plastic containers and plastic products

AND i found out that best buy will recycle old electronics! tvs, computer monitors, vacuums, fans, dvd players and more, mostly for free or only $10. no more cell phones in the garbage, please!

so, let's try to keep some of that stuff out of the landfill, will you!


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wow. loved your review on Recycling Plastic Containers. it was really nice to know of various tips. thanks for sharing such inspiring posts.