meet the red wiggler

in light of my last post and the serious multitude of conversations i've had recently regarding the subject of composting, i thought i'd share my whereabouts for this thursday, august 26:

Worm Composting Class- Thursday!! The Greensgrow's Sustainability Series continues with a course on worm composting Thursday, August 26th. Worm composting is a great alternative for people who do not have a yard or space for a traditional compost pile. This introductory class will explain how to make a worm bin, what to compost and worms most will likely be available at
the class. The class begins at 6 pm, usually about an hour and a half, is free, and you may walk away with your own pet worms. All are welcome. Please RSVP to Leah at Leah@greensgrow.org.

Also, i freaking LOVE that the worms are called "reg wigglers". i mean, how cute is that? i will be sure to take notes, pictures and heed of advice to share with all of you who cannot make it.

on another note, i've been battling with verizon for ONE FULL MONTH on getting internet at my new house. therefore i've had to sneak a blogpost here and there at work. please pardon the lack of exciting pictures. i have so many saved up on my camera for when i'm finally "on the grid".


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