royalety in chi-town

ahoy hoy from the midwest! i'm currently in chicago visiting some friends and getting the royale treatment. a friend is house sitting for his boss which mean staying in a SUPER cute condo in hyde park with two kitties and a sweet but whiny black lab. highlights so far have included: intelligentsia coffee and blueberry almondine at lovely bakeshop, buying tiny special things at renegade craft shop, new haven style pizza and microbrews at piece in wicker park, indian lunch at rajun cajun and midnight burritos after an awesome jazz show at the hideout.

my camera doesn't plug into this fancy macintosh computer, so you'll have to wait till i'm eastbound to see my pictures. but here is a picture from lovely website of some baked goodies and one of gable, chillest cat ever. see you on the other side!

chilly x's and o's,

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morning said...

mmm you should visit the intellegensia in los angeles, it's an eyefull :)