my royale bender

oh to be home, home again. unemployment v2.0 has been treating me rather well as i've decided to take a bit more advantage of this go round. trips to nyc, delaware and chicago these last few weeks have brought about good times, awesome food and friends. man, friends for days.

the amount of food and drinks i have imbibed in the last 21 days of unencumbered responsibility-free bliss is enough to kill a small animal. fortunately paired with [occasional, i'll admit] trips to the gym, i haven't suffered many consequences of such vague lushery.

a much needed, long overdue trip to visit friends in chi-town had me sampling the finest coffees, pastries, pizzas, beer/liquor and desserts of the windy city. it was pretty windy, so was my butt after eating all that dairy. oops. chicago didn't seem to be the most vegan friendly place, so i just ate whatever the hell i wanted. it was worth it, no regrets, no regrets. my chicago buddy has worked in quite a few service industry jobs, particularly coffee shops, so we drank coffee for free mostly everywhere we went. intelligentsia is a local coffee roaster with a bit of an attitude and a lot of coffee knowledge to back it. their "single origin espresso" made from an ethiopian bean was maybe the best shot of espresso i ever had!

lovely bakeshop and bakin' and eggs are two darling cafes/restaurants owned by a trifecta of awesome culinary minded people. i had coffee and pastries and a late lunch at lovely and breakfast at bakin' and eggs. not to mention took home some PRETTY killer pastries for the housies. i want to be these people when i grow up.

i stayed in a super adorable condo in hyde park, right near lake michigan. i guess most of chicago is right by lake michigan. we took a chilly walk my first day there and it looked like this:

i also spent the night with a pretty handsome chap while in town. i'm not usually wont to one night stands but i just couldn't pass this cutie up:

alright that's enough divulging into my life for one post. chicago part two features A TRIP TO THE ZOO and ONE OF THE BEST MEALS OF MY LIFE. see you then, kids.



Caitlin Strandquist said...

that macchiatto looks AMAZING. and i'm like sooo super excited to hear about your next adventure. i wonder where it will be...

ps, I have been having fantasy dreams about beet bruschetta and cinnamon...

Anonymous said...

have you ever been to Karen's raw in Chicago?? I hear it's great and there's no dairy there....

Mary Casper said...

Best Meals of Your Life? Those are strong words, dear. Looking forward to the recount!