VR does the vacay

in my opinion, the best field trip of the summer (at least in our fair mid-atlantic region), is the trip to the beach. usually because of work and finances, we are limited to fun - but brief - day trips to the jersey shore. but last week, with a little pre-planning and a wondrous dose of family generosity, we got to stay in a beach front condo at rehoboth beach for 3 days and 2 nights! the vacation party was comprised of sissy lauren, ryan, our friend john e., and myself. so awesome.

oddly, there's not so much to say about food (meal times were sort of replaced with drink times: bloody marys or beer-mosas with lunch, vodka sodas in the afternoon, copious beers throughout the day) and we mostly grazed, and had one so-so meal at the dogfish head brewpub. but we had so much fun, holy crap! enough outta me, i'll just let the photos do the talking:

ok, i can't help it -- just one note about food --> the fridge!! clockwise from the top: marinated vegetables, champagne of beer, our "fancy beers" backed up by a 12-pack of flying dog, raw "egg salad" on top of microgreens, trader joe's hummus & salsa, and some tofurkey in the drawer.

the view from our balcony!

on monday night, we went to the boardwalk

lauren won an awesome banana-dude by beating me at whack-a-mole!

we did the photo booth thing

we won a ton of tickets at the arcade and cashed them in for glow sticks and candy

ryan shredded at guitar hero

then ry & john went on this funny, octopus-esque ride

on tuesday, we took a tour of the dogfish head brewery in milton, de

dude, look at all those kegs! the brewery was huge

we had dinner at the dogfish head brew pub later that night

back from the boardwalk, and on the tipsy side, we decided to go for a late night beach walk

there were righteous vibes alongside the post-midnight ocean

the beach rules and we were sad to leave it

perhaps more photos to come...


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Lauren said...

i can't believe you captured a photo of the ever elusive willow