tryin to catch me ridin' pretty

the day has finally arrived. it's been over four years in the making. I GOT A NEW BIKE!!!!!

this might not seem that exciting to some of you, but me, i'm simply ecstatic. way back in 2005 i went to the trexlertown bike swap and haggled a bubblegum pink velocity wheel down from $80 to $55! at that same swap i bought a ten dollar 3-speed internal hub. you might not understand what i'm saying, but either way, i bought two parts of a bike over four years ago, and they've pretty much been sitting around ever since. what's more, i bought a velocity deep v rim about 2 years ago and decided i was going to try my hand at building my own wheel. and what do you know, with the help of sheldon brown (rip) i did it! so i then had a set of wheels proudly on display in my room for a good 2 years just collecting dust and looking pretty. after acquiring a few more pieces over time (lots and lots of time) i was getting pretty antsy.

for my birthday this year, mom k gave me some spending money to treat myself to a new ride. finally, my dream was about to become a reality! i browsed about and nothing really caught my eye, until last tuesday, when this kickass cerulean blue frame arrived at the local bike shop, firehouse bikes. the super amazing and helpful lady that works there helped me pick out EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT that goes in to making a bicycle. then i gave her some money and she built it for me. that seemed to be the most efficient method, in my opinion.

commence bike porn:

(pink chain! only $7!)

(they threw the bell in for free!)

(the frame came with this cool old bike pump attached to it)

(it's a 3-speed!)

(it's pretty fly!)

note to friends: if you ever, EVER see someone riding this bike who isn't me, promptly kick their ass. thanks.



vicky hellhound said...

Wait... Sheldon Brown is dead?!?

Toast Ghost said...

oh dip, that bike is awesome. 3-speed is where it's at!

the Big Ugly said...


Your bike = amazing.