i can't fight this feeling

tonight is the first game of the NLDS, our beloved Phillies vs. the Reds. sissy and i are meeting up after work to make dinner (she's been texting me with some talk of collards, tempeh bacon and polenta - perfect early october meal!), catch up, and watch the game together. i expect there to be lots of of cheering, hugging and occasional cursing at the TV.

while we're not the sportiest gals, lauren and i have both really gotten into the Phillies over the past few years. could it have something to do with the joint crush we've both developed on lil Carlos Ruiz? who in their right mind wouldn't want to go on a dream date with this babe?

daaaaamn, chooch

seriously though, i think i'm beginning to truly grasp how people become unconditionally devoted to their home team, and even how a win or loss can affect their mood for the next day or two. what can i say? the Phillies are a kick ass team with a lot of balls and a lot of heart, and it has been a real pleasure to support them throughout the season. on a different level, it's also pretty cool to feel connected to other Philadelphians through our mutual love of this team. why, just last night i was having a few pints in a cozy neighborhood spot, when i laid eyes on this incredible homemade gigantic cap adorning the fridge:

when i spotted this sublime creation, i felt the embodiment of the expression "oh, hell yeah." i love banding together with strangers! so go Phils, and remember ya'll, yelling at umpires while simultaneously high-fiving your bros and jamming beers doesn't necessarily make you a jock.


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