stocked & stoked

i don't know about ya'll, but to me, it is one of the best feelings there is to have a fully stocked kitchen, ready and waiting for whatever mood strikes. tacos? go for it! soup? we got soup stuff! a sandwich, perhaps?! SANDWICH YOUR FACE OFF!

i suspect it harkens back to some deep, pre-civilzed animal instincts - to hoard, to have, to feed ourselves and others, to feel safe knowing that at least one basic need is met. a first world privilege to be sure, but one whose pleasure i just can't deny.

last night, after way too long, i revved up the old band van and swung over to the shop rite on snyder ave. i love this place! maybe it's in my blood (my mom is a shop rite lifer), but i just have never enjoyed shopping more in a big grocery store. the sales, people - THE SALES! and so for about money as i could've spent buying a new springtime frock, i filled up the cart with edibles.

brought my haul home and unloaded by myself. i know some people hate the ritual of grocery shopping, but i deeply enjoy it. after schlepping all my bags inside, i turned a record up loud, cracked a beer, and put everything away. then, i stepped back, and took a good hard look at what i'd accomplished. ahhh...satisfaction.

what am i going to make for dinner tonight? the sky's the limit...but honestly, i'm kind of just in the mood for a salad. ooh, and maybe some crackers with roasted garlic. and maybe i'll start a batch of no-knead bread dough for tomorrow...



sarah said...

I also love that shoprite! They usually have a lot of people on staff, especially during busy times, the deals are great, the store is clean and the the music is awesome!

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Anonymous said...
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