resurrection - not a post on seances

ok, so this is going to be another one of those posts where i talk about how great a bar/restaurant was and then the pictures are so incredibly crappy. i hate to say it, but you just kind of have to deal with it. part of what makes this particular restaurant so charming and cozy is its limited seating area and its dim lighting. these characteristics do not a good picture taking environment make. our table was so close to the ladies' next to us that when adjusting my angle, i almost put my elbow right into someone's french fries! whoops. that being said...

resurrection ale house is a tiny special place. it opened a few months ago and is owned by the same people as the much celebrated local 44. location: closer to our new house! resurrection is on catharine and gray's ferry just a few blocks south of south street. as i mentioned (multiple times), it's pretty tiny inside. and when i said cozy, i didn't mean it like the real estate agent trying to sell a one-bedroom to three people. it's actually charmingly small. the waitress said "as you can see, we're a pretty small restaurant. what that means is, we don't have a freezer, all our ingredients are fresh and everything is made to order." hey, i like your attitude!

i ordered a kwak (this website is freaking adorable), which is a belgian beer that comes in it's own branded glass. it looks like this:

my lady date and i decided to try a few things off of the "smaller stuff" side of the menu and ordered taters & 'snips, roasted cauliflower, the homemade pickles, and balsamic roasted radicchio. then i had another beer called maredsous 10 (10 being the abv, whoa!) and then we got this chocolate thing for dessert that kind of happened before we knew it. oops.

the food was all REALLY good, if not somewhat small portions. this place was more expensive than my normal haunts, but what the hey, it was really delicious and fun and after a few of those high abv drinks, the check stings a bit less. what's that? my pictures make it look less than appetizing? well we've been over this about the pictures, and you'll just have to go see for yourself. it's worth it, if for nothing else than the beer!


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