a delicate swirl

tonight emily and i (ok, mostly emily) whipped up a most satisfying rainy night dinner. as we prepared to plate our dishes, em mentioned "sorry this isn't the most spring/summery dish" and i said "that's ok, this isn't the most spring/summery night". and there it was.

finding ourselves with an abundance of apples, em had multiple burners going as she prepared curried carrot-apple soup with golden tofu cubes from jack bishop's a year in a vegetarian kitchen. i manned the sink and cleaned every last dish and also helped with some basic soux chef preparations (open the can of coconut milk, wash the romaine, etc.). we make a damn good team...

it's amazing what just two extra minutes can do to elevate a bowl of soup to a BOWL OF F-ING SOUP! a delicate swirl of coconut milk, a sprig of cilantro and a few well placed golden tofu cubes makes sitting down to dinner on a sticky, wet, rainy thursday night feel like magic.

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Amy said...

Mmmm. That looks awesome!