the forest for the chreese

Sometimes you wake up at 11:30 are kind of hungover (ok, really hungover). And so, with a hazy imprudent choice, you decide to skip breakfast and go straight to your 12pm co-op shift on an empty stomach. And sometimes, by the time that co-op shift ends two hours later, you've been eyeing up so many different things to take home to make for your angry, empty belly that you spend $67.91 on a variety of lunch options.

This past Saturday, my day unfortunately mirrored the aforementioned scenario. After arriving home, practically salivating due to hunger and succumbing to that just-went-shopping-and-i-want-to-eat-it-all desire, i ate some chips and hummus (half the tub counts as "some", right?), some wildly spicy vegan jerky, a piece of our stepdad Kevin's famous vegetable pizza (two shoutouts in the last two posts is a lot, but it's because the man works magic!), until i finally settled my sights on that old simple favorite. Mac & cheese (no, not this kind) or should I say, ahem, Shells & Chreese.

I heard a friend talking about Chreese products a few months ago, the hilarious Who's On First style "Are you saying trees or cheese?" discussion ensued, and i subsequently forgot about the product altogether. I usually desire only to make mac & cheese from scratch, with a velvety nooch yeast and earth balance roux style sauce, and if i'm feeling particularly fancy, homemade breadcrumbs and tomatoes on top with a quick spin in the 375 degree oven (or if i'm feeling particularly trashy, tofu pups and ketchup mixed in!). All i was feeling on Saturday was a specific laziness that is mostly found in teenagers sleeping till 3 on weekends or twentysomethings sleeping off the past night's rager. Throw a little Frank's Red Hot on and thar she blows:

I'm not one for reviews, but i could probably muster up three sentences about this product:
The taste was good, i liked the shell shapes A LOT because they create little pockets of cheesiness and everyone knows how much i like pockets (usually those of the pant or dress variety, but i'll take 'em in food any day). The sauce looked a little weak and watery at first, but after mixing it with the shells and returning to a low flame, as instructed on the box, it thickened up like a brick. I wouldn't make this for a gourmet dinner party or anything, however, as a late night snack, a simple mid-day meal or a side dish i would make it again!

A note on nutrition: As this blog is relatively new, we don't want you to think we are slothful vegan piggies, although we can't always be held accountable for our actions when we are! We acknowledge the wonders of and definitely condone eating healthy, fresh foods, but once in a while it's kind of nice to be lazy and snack attack some junky stuff too, and that's what this post is all about. Enjoy sparingly, like one would enjoy a bloomin' onion or a vegan milkshake!

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